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Forum Rules

[Image: 4Uw9KzM.png]
1.Do not offend other people by calling names or post racist or other kind of offensive threads
-Punishment: 3 Day ban from the forum

2.Do not post double or triple threads wait atleast 24 hours, do not copy other people's posts 
-Punishment: Warning and removing of the posts

3.Do not post more than 3-5 threads aday
-Punishment: Warning and locking of the threads

4.Do not spam posts
-Punishment: Warning and a ban if it continues 

5.Do not reply to threads that go against the forums rules 
-Punishment: Warning

6.Do not create chats with other people for that theres PM's
-Punishment: Warning and removing of the comments

7.DO not comment "Reported" and such things for that theres the "Report" button
-Punishment: Removing of the comments

8.Respect the Staff and when requesting for help be patient we have other things to worry about

9.Do not post threads or comments with download links and dont press them if you see them
-Punishment: Warning removing of the message and a ban (Depending of the download type)

10.If you got banned do not create a new user we will now and you will not be able to enter the forum again

11.Do not post personal info about users or staff
-Punishment: Permanent ban and removing of the post

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